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Developer Population Grows

June 12, 2014

When we updated our semi-annual Developer Population and Demographics Study, we found that of the 19 million software developers in the world, 8.7 million are now writing apps targeted for mobile devices. That means the number of developers targeting mobile has doubled since 2010 and increased by 700,000 just during the last year. Regionally the Asia-Pacific region leads with about 46% more developers focused on mobile than the EMEA region, which includes Russia. Latin America lags behind those regions and North America in its mobile developer population. But everywhere the number of mobile developers is increasing faster than the overall developer population totals.

Sometimes we run into people who think that mobile developers are only developers who sell apps through app stores – typically selling games or small productivity apps to consumers. But that is just a small part of the overall picture. Mobile development is becoming ubiquitous thanks to the prominence of mobile devices as the preferred client in both enterprise and consumer environments. And Cloud is the perfect enabler for mobility in these realms as well as in related Internet of Things implementations. We see no slowing of mobile development anywhere in the near future and the same is true for Cloud, which also has shown a continued increase in use by developers both for deployment and as a development environment.

Together they are an unbeatable match and one we think will shape the entire computing landscape of the future. Mobile devices provide the small agile – “go anywhere” experience we’ve come to expect, while Cloud supplies the backend infrastructure and storage that serious mobile applications require. Together they will define the future. Today, many of the larger Cloud vendors have offerings targeted specifically at large enterprises that need to support a multitude of mobile devices. We predict that’s going to increase along with development for both Cloud and Mobile.

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