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APIs – An Essential Element in the Coming Connected World

June 27, 2014

To see the future, look at what software developers are doing in the present. At Evans Data, that’s all we do, and so we have seen a radical new world shaping up with technologies appearing, maturing and snapping together to form a radically different always-on reality. Mobile development and Cloud development used to be considered unique – now not so much so. Instead they’re becoming ubiquitous. Over two-thirds of developers are including mobile device targets for any application they write – and that is even higher in some geographies. Cloud is being used as a development environment by a quarter of all developers worldwide, but an additional 40% expect to be using it in the next year. A significant number of developers are targeting sensors, and even more are becoming involved with Big Data. In a few years our world will be almost completely connected with the results of those connections shaping our economy and our culture.

And if your company is to be included to need to have developers adopt and use your technologies – most usually through APIs.

In North America one in five developers works for a company that makes their APIs available externally to anyone. Another 29% publish APIs for their business partners, and 7% expose APIs but only internally. In the Asia-Pacific region the number of developers publishing externally to partners and to anyone is 35% higher. The EMEA region lags the other two but API exposure is increasing everywhere.

When we think about the interconnected nature of our future world, it becomes apparent that publishing and promoting your APIs is essential to remaining competitive. Companies in every industry need to be part of the homogenous whole that will be interacting through connections, sensors, Big Data, Cloud, mobility, and the Internet of Things.

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