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China First to Internet of Things

June 1, 2014

After years of predictions about its imminent arrival, the Internet of Things is indeed upon us. More than one in five software developers are either writing applications for connected devices in what’s known as the Internet of Things or expect to within the next six months. What was once hinted at with machine to machine has now blossomed into much more and developers everywhere are becoming excited about the brave new possibilities.


No where is this more true than in China.  Our soon to be released Global Development Survey shows that the APAC region leads the world in IoT development, followed by North America.  And in the APAC region, China takes the lead over India with 28% of Chinese developers spending some of their time writing applications to support connected devices and an additional 27% expecting to do so.  The Chinese government is enabling this aggressively, investing 5 billion yuan in the IoT industry this year.  The Chinese ministry of Information estimates China’s IoT market will hit 500 billion yuan by next year  and then double to 1 trillion yuan by 2020.


Indian developers, on the other hand, tend to write applications for clients in every part of the world, and are following close behind the Chinese, though without government intervention. Twenty-three percent are devoting at least some of their coding time to IoT, but almost a third expect to.


The geographical trend follows the demographic profile of developers in the various regions.  Those developers from regions who are only now starting to age and become more experienced are the ones leading the charge.  Those developers with 4 to 7 years experience are the mot likely to be developing for IoT (32%), followed by those who are slightly more experienced with 8 to 11 years programming (25%).


The industries where IoT is rising fastest are transportation, energy, and healthcare, but soon it will be everywhere.  Our world is changing fast and developers writing for IoT are pushing it even faster.



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