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Adding Intelligence Just Got a Lot Easier

October 16, 2014

For years popular culture has been predicting the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in formats ranging from science fiction to practical implementations. Now, we’ve evolved past plain vanilla AI to cognitive computing. What’s the difference? Well, cognitive computing takes elements of AI and combines them with machine learning algorithms to create systems that can do most of the functions of the human brain, including making inferences, sensing relationships, making predictions and otherwise using rational thought processes.

IBM’s Watson is a perfect example of such a system, and now IBM is opening up Watson APIs so you can add intelligence to your apps – and easily too. I walked through the Watson APIs a couple of days ago and was very impressed. There’s a wide range of abilities you can add to your apps including:

User Modeling – projects a set of personality and social traits on a person from that person’s written communications

Message Resonance – predicts how well any written message is going to be received by a given audience and identifies which words work best.

Language Identification and translation – two APIs, one that identifies what language text is written in and another that will translate text into another language

Relationship Extraction – maps the relationships between components of sentences so that machines can more easily understand new concepts or terms.

These APIs are all useful across a multitude of situations and they’re free from IBM. You find them on BlueMix, IBM’s development Cloud along with other open APIs for different types of development.

Today with Internet of Things and developers creating applications for everything we interact with or want to do, the incorporation of cognitive computing software seems like a natural. And when you can try it out for free – why wait?

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