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Changing Landscape of Developer Technology Adoption

January 26, 2015

January is almost over and that means even the tardiest of us has to act now to get our observations out on the changes that have come and those that are coming in the future as one year turns into the next. So here’s some thoughts on the technologies that are shaping software development and will be uber important in 2015.

Security, security, security. This impacts everything and there’s more of everything to impact all the time. It’s not just our email or servers that could get hacked. Now it’s our watches and cars, houses, and light bulbs. The Internet of Things has changed the nature of all the things we interact with and that means everything needs to be secure. This was always the top issue in every survey we did with developers in 2014 and it’s going to be the top issue again in 2015.

The Internet of Things is another phenomenon that dominated the industry last year and will undoubtedly grow in the coming year. While development for consumer products overshadows everything else in the tech news, it’s actually industrial device development that has grown more and is poised to take off. Last year the numbers of IoT developers targeting industrial devices grew by a whopping 190%, from 9% to 27%.

Big Data is going to become totally ingrained in both the background and in the forefront of our lives. Retail has obvious implementations, but Big Data will change everything from the precision with which we make projections to the fight for privacy. Currently 27% of developers say they have some involvement with Big Data but 40% expect to be involved in the coming year. And with Big Data comes the need for real time event processing. Seventy-one percent of developers who are working with Big Data expect to need to use real time processing more than half the time in 2015.

Finally, we see 2015 as the year when cognitive computing and machine learning start to come into their own, and 77% of developers agree that cognitive computing will be a major factor in computing in the next five year.

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