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Cloud Formations

October 20, 2016

The number of developers actively developing in a Cloud environment reached 5.4 million in 2016, according to our most recent Global Development Population and Demographics Study, the de facto standard in developer population estimates. This represents an increase of 375% since 2009.

The study, conducted twice a year since 2006, uses a plethora of publicly available data points and a sophisticated computer model to produce developer population estimates per country and region for almost 40 countries which then have primary research data overlaid to show numbers of developers adopting various technologies around the world.  In addition, ten years of continuous history produce highly reliable multiple regressions to use to project into the future.

So we have seen very reliable estimates of the increase in numbers of developers using Cloud as a development platform.  But in addition, new estimates for developers involved in Big Data and Advanced Analytics show the worldwide number is up to 6 million, while the biggest percentage gains, with a 34% increase in just one year, belong to the 2 million developers who are now targeting IoT systems.

If we consider these huge growth areas, it becomes clear that there is a convergence here and an inter-reliance that knits it all together.  IoT is enabled by Cloud.  Without a Cloud infrastructure the data that sensors produce, the information that is collected and acted upon would be constrained to a local environment and restricted by limited scalability.

Big Data is the form that data in an interconnected world often takes.  Videos, aerial photos, pressure sensors in addition to numerical and text formats all have to be ingested and processed, and advanced analytics, often with the help of machine learning, must be employed in order to analyze and ultimately make sense of the whole picture.

Couple all this with the rise of platforms from virtually every major company in the world and we can begin to see a new world in which most everything works together.

Clouds provide the enablement and even the creation of the future.  Their shapes growth shows our progress and their shapes show our direction.

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