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March 25, 2013

We’re back from our 9th annual Developer Relations conference in Redwood City.  This was the best one ever with great speakers, attendees and events.  It’s a conference focused exclusively on professionals who run developer relations programs.  And while that’s still a small group, every year the conference seems to be getting more dynamic and is attracting new people from companies everywhere.

And that includes companies from industries you’d never expect – which was what struck me most about the conference this year.  Because any company that has a platform or even an API that they want developers in their industry to adopt needs a developer relations program.  It’s necessary to make developers aware of your technology, to recruit them to use it, and then to maintain and grow the community – and those are the vital functions of a developer program.  As software permeates everything around us, so do the number and type of companies that need to set up these services.  Which means that the developer relations professional is now becoming a more and more valued member of the technical team and companies are realizing the importance of that function.

This is definitely an exciting space to be in and it’ll be fascinating to watch it mature and grow.

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