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New Tools for a Smarter Planet

November 13, 2012

The best news of the week last week came from IBM and their launch of a whole suite of new and improved tools addressing the engineering lifecycle of the growing number of interactions between the software, mechanical, and electrical components of a plethora of devices that have only just begun to populate our planet but that very soon will be ubiquitous.

Think about your car for example. Modern cars can have over 15 million lines of software code embedded in their mechanisms that make them respond to our needs without any interaction from us. There are sensors, and SOCs, and embedded systems throughout. Commercial trucking firms use sensors in tires that let them know when it’s the optimal time to change or replace them. Water utilities use software to embedded in devices to monitor and adjust water levels and flows to optimize a city’s water supply. All these things use software and all that software needs tools.

IBM has just released a stunning addition to the tools that are available for the increasingly common embedded systems that run our world. Expanding on the Rational and Telelogic lines, they have created a powerful toolset that enhances the software development lifecycle across the product development cycle with a new Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager, Next Generation DOORS tool and Deployment Planning services. In addition, Rhapsody and RSA have been enhanced with Design Manager 4.0. In addition, IBM has whole suites of tools directed towards specific industries to extend the lifecycle from conception through implementation in specific industry applications.

For years IBM has been focused on the Smarter Planet and has been predicting the time when all of the objects in our lives will be “smart” enough to react to changes and conditions and to interact with us. That focus is now being paid off in spades – the future is within sight and its a lot like IBM’s Smarter Planet.

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