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Extreme Capability

June 13, 2012

Last week I attended IBM Rational’s Innovate conference in Orlando and I was blown away by the progress IBM has made with their technology and also with the caliber of the people in that group.

Let me tell you a quick story. On the first day of the conference one of my IBM contacts came up to meet me in the darkness and confusion of the pre-keynote conference hall. I was holding my beloved Galaxy 10 tablet and she accidentally knocked it out of my hand and into a chair back where the screen shattered. It was an accident and I told her all was forgiven but she would have none of it. This was about 8am. By lunchtime she had found the only shop in Orlando that had a screen for a Galaxy 10 and the only shop that would do repairs on one (not the same shop). She took the tablet, made the magic happen and by 5pm I had my tablet back – made entirely whole again with a new screen. I have been in this industry for many years and that was without a doubt one of the top ten examples of extreme capability I have seen. IBMers are awesome!

And, they now have an integrated development solution that shows extreme capability as well. I wasn’t at last years show but two years ago there were definitely some missing links. However the acquisition of Green Hat and Worklight plus their own tools enhancements has woven together a solution that goes from design to coding to test to production, and from cloud to mobile. The Green Hat tools provide extra security and reliability through test while Worklight has finally brought IBM into the mobile space where so many of their clients are now being immersed. This beginning to end solution is truly impressive.

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