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Thought Leadership

October 14, 2011

Recently a couple of our clients have wanted to test their standing in the minds of developers as to their perceived “leadership” in various areas. It’s an important subject beacause it actually measures your credibility with your target audience, and credibility is critical to how well your marketing efforts work. The perceived leader is already ahead of the competition before even one positioning statement is made or one promotional program is begun, Consequently, if you know where you stand in the minds of your audience, even if you’re not number one, you have valuable knowledge that can be used to tailor your messages and advance your leadership standing. Some of these clients refer to this as “thought leadership”.

Of course, thought leadership really means leadership in the thoughts of your audience and that leadership can apply to many things. For example, your company may be perceived of as the leader in providing cutting edge technology but also be perceived of as a laggard in customer service. Company A might be the most “trustworthy” but Company B has the “Most potential for the future” The fact that there are many facets wherein your company might be the leader also helps with positioning and messaging. Pick the course of least resistance as a lead in to your audience and then build on that to enhance the areas where you are seen as weak. It’s a powerful marketing strategy.

We’ve devised a Thought Leadership measurement service using 10 different attributes of relative market positioning and an additional 12 psychographic metrics to help clients understand where they fall in the landscape of the industry and their competition. We can pinpoint your position in the minds of developers and suggest ways using the resulting information to approach your audience most effectively and to emphasize perceived strengths as well as address perceived weaknesses. Perceptions are everything when it comes to marketing. See if we can help you.

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