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The Ultrabooks have Arrived

September 2, 2011

….and just in time, I’d say. For anyone who wanted the slim, easy to deal with style of the Mac Air but didn’t want to go down the Apple / Mac OS route, it’s been frustrating. But now a slew of sexy svelte designs are coming to market with incredible performance and battery endurance powered by Intel Core i3, 5 or 7 and optimized by their partners. Today both Toshiba and Lenova launched their ultrabooks and more are on the way this month from Samsung, Acer and Asus.

These new laptops were shown recently at Intel’s Software Analyst day along with presentations higlighting some very impressive innovations and advances in performance and power optimization. For example, how about battery power that will last 12 hours while fully engaged and up to 3 weeks while on standby? Couple that with the efficiency and performance of the Intel multi-core chipset and onboard HD 3000 graphics, all built into some very sleek form factors and suddenly there’s real competition in town.

I’m usually a dinosaur when it comes to upgrading my computers since it’s such just a hassle, but these new laptops add some real motivation – I think even I am going to upgrade this Fall.

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