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Changing Landscape

July 5, 2011

Changing Landscape

We’ve been monitoring technology adoption patterns here at Evans Data Corp for more than a dozen years, and I have to say it’s always interesting. Sometimes the changes are subtle and slip easily into place without much fanfare, but sometimes the changes are monumental. This is a time when the landscape is changing dramatically and it’s fascinating to watch as developers embrace different technologies to adapt.

Language use patterns have turned on their heads in the last year with Java use up in all regions of the world. This is due to the intense focus on the mobile client, and is particularly true in Asia where developers have always had more mobile focus. But there’s is also a resurgence of the use of C++ and we only can speculate at this time (we’ll know more after the Fall survey) but it may correlate with a perceived need for better performance in a variety of apps including apps for multiple processors or cores.

What about data technology? After so many years of ubiquitous SQL use we’re now seeing a lot of interest in NoSQL (Not Only SQL) and the reason is the new availablity of “Big Data” – and new types of data that don’t fit nicely into a relational database. And the interesting thing about the curiously quick adoption is that it’s being embraced by enterprise developers much more strongly than any other segment.

Cloud, mobile, new data types, and other seismic computing changes are shaking up the development landscape and its now hitting the corporate enterprise. Any vendor serious about playing in the enterprise needs to become aware of these changes and find an answer for them.

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