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Open Source on an Employer’s Dime

October 15, 2010

In our latest survey of developers working on open source projects we delved into actual work habits, the ability to complete projects on time and the ability to stay on budget, in addition to our usual technology adoption reserach. What the developers told us was that a lot – 67% – spend at least some time on the job working on non-work related open source projects. The fact that the projjects were not related to their jobs was specified. Most of those – 51% – spend less than half of their on-the-clock hours moonlighting, but a quarter of them spend from 25 to 50% of their time in their own projects.

I’m not sure if this is shocking to anyone else, but it sure is to me. Yes, developers get wrapped up in their projects and it’s hard for them to leave them alone to concentrate on their employer’s projects, and yes it’s true that it’s hard to police developers. If they’re sitting there writing code it’s not that easy to tell what that code atually goes to. But doesn’t the fact that the employer is paying them count for something? Perhaps not in the new world order where belivers think all code should be free.

But regardless, they also report that the majority of their projects are on schedule and within budget – we’re just not sure if those are the work projects or the other ones

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