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Cloud – HPC to Mobile

August 9, 2010

The Cloud paradigm has the capability to offer new capabilities for every developer, but especially for those developers involved with implementing applications with the intensive demand of complex enterprise applications or high performance computing for science or research projects, as the most recent Evans Data Corp’s Cloud Development Survey verifies (Cloud Development Survey, Volume 1, 2010 © Evans Data Corp, 2010), Conducted in May / June of this year the survey of over 400 software developers examined attitudes towards development of applications in the cloud as well as deployments to the cloud. The results give insight into a wealth of information about what developers are doing, what they plan to do, what their concerns are for the cloud, and how they plan to select vendors to use in the cloud.

Cloud implementations run the gamut from HPC to mobile and the breadth of cloud development is dynamic and changing everyday, as the benefits it can offer are realized by large and small. HPC in the cloud is particularly well-suited and appealing. Fifty-nine percent of developers in North America who are currently using cloud as a development environment are also currently using multiple threads in their applications. (North American Development Survey, Volume 1, 2010 © Evans Data Corp, 2010). Intel provides the processor of choice for this and the iCore 7 is the most commonly targeted processor for those currently developing in the cloud. The Xeon chipset is also popular, being targeted by 45% of developers currently working in the cloud, thus laying a nice foundation for HPC cloud computing.

At the other end of the spectrum, development for mobile devices stands to gain new capabilities from the cloud model. If a mobile app is no longer constrained by the limitations of the mobile device itself and can run cloud apps as a client then the applications themselves can be a lot more robust. This is true of enterprise apps as well as consumer apps, and this idea is gaining hold amongst developers. Almost sixty percent (57.3%) of the developers in our cloud survey spent at least some of their time working with apps that run on mobile devices, though only 11% spent more than half their time on this.

So, can the cloud hook up the largest of servers with the tiniest of devices? There’s not much doubt, and that’s going to revolutionize much current software development.

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