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July 14, 2010

Just back from a wonderful vacation in France and Switzerland – beautiful places in the alps. We cruised from Dijon to Lausanne on Lake Geneva and then on to Chamonix at the foot of Mt Blanc, highest mountain in the alps. Yes, and I found out I’m still afraid of heights ;-0 We had a great time with some great food and wine.

So now it’s hard to get back into the work routine. Doesn’t help much that it’s foggy each morning here in Santa Cruz – induces sleeping – but sunny and mild in the afternoon – cries out for playing hooky. Plus, life sort of slows down in the Summer – a fact that usually true for us as well as our clients. This year, however, it’s not true. We’ve got more work than we’ve had for the last couple of years, with lots of interest in both custom studies and syndicated survey sales. Lots of people are interested in our developer program benchmarking service. It’s a user satisfaction survey combined with information on user rankings from other programs that we did last winter. Give Robin a call if you’re interested in seeing how your program stacks up in user satisfaction with other programs.

We’re also starting a “soft launch” of a program that we’ve been incubating and operating under the radar with a few of our clients. The service provides outsourced elements of a developer program for companies that have a platform to promote but don’t want to put together and maintain all the elements of a program. Watch for more information here…….

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