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The Mobile Enterprise

June 8, 2010

For too long there has been a perceptual chasm between software designed for large scale enterprises and apps for smartphones.  Maybe there still is – after all, the advent of app stores has helped to cement that image “apps” are small and frivolous pieces of software consisting mostly of games or small consumer-oriented entertainment pieces which are usually very cheap.  Enterprise software, on the other hand is large, complex and expensive.  But that’s all about to change.

If you think about the iPhone and its huge consumer market, smartphones do seem like toys, but think instead about the Blackberry.  RIM took aim at the world of business and the enterprise from the very beginning and Blackberries are now more common than secretaries amongst business executives.  They did that by providing email and other push services of use to people in business, and they’re still doing it.

Consider that only a few weeks ago SAP‘s co-CEO, Jim Snabe, announced that enterprise mobility will be it’s highest priority in 2010.  He reckons that mobile devices are going to become more important in all large enterprises, and I’m betting he’s right.  Some day stationery computing devices will not exist as clients.  All client devices will be small, wireless and mobile.  Just as IBM’s Danny Sabbah at the annual Innovate conference pointed out yesterday, our cars now have so much computing power that they could rightfully be called traveling data centers, and if that’s true you can bet money all our devices will soon become more compact and more powerful.

Today we are speeding towards the day of the mobile enterprise, so now’s the time to make sure we’ve got our mobility strategy in place.

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