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May 25, 2010

The office landlord where Evans Data is housed popped in to see us the other day – our lease is up soon – to congratulate us for being “slash-dotted” twice in the last couple of weeks. We had released news from our Frameworks user sat survey and the news was that Microsoft’s users of .Net thought more of their framework than users of a handful of other top frameworks – including those of the highly vocal Rails community. That certainly earned us a Slashdot firestorm, but hey! If some other framework had beat out Microsoft we wouldn’t have rated a controversy at all. Why is it that anytime – I mean every time – Microsoft’s developer tools come out on top in any kind of market research from any firm there is invariably the cry of “fixed”. This doesn’t happen with any other company – not even Oracle! If Microsoft’s tools win, everyone thinks it’s rigged. Why is that? I’m not exactly a Microsoft promoter, but that company spends a lot of money and effort on their developer tools, so why is it so incredible that their users give them better scores than others?

I guess it’s a matter of credibility – but whose credibility is being judged? And why?

My company has been in business for twelve years studying the habits, attitudes, and technology adoption trends of software developers and we’re not about to abandon the trust we’ve achieved with those developers by misrepresenting them, we’re not going to give our valued clients wrong information, and we’re certainly not about to abandon our business model to give someone a small PR hit.

Trust and credibility go both ways. Not only do we have to truly represent the developer opinions, but we have to keep the trust of our clients too. Just last week I went to an analyst meeting under nda and heard about some very exciting developments – but I not going to tell you what they were. I didn’t even tell my dog. Won’t even say what company it was, but keep your eyes open for some very cool news.

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